Lasting First Impressions Photography | About Meghan Lopez

Meeting Meghan Lopez


I have ALWAYS been surrounded by photography. When my parents built the addition onto their house (completed just before I was born), they actually built a dark room into the addition – which ended up becoming my “baby room” during my first few months of life. My first camera I remember owning was a pink point and shoot that held 110mm film (my how far photography has come).

I started taking pictures of my friends’ children a few years ago and then decided to turn it into a side business in 2012 while we were living in San Diego, CA. The ability to capture and convey the story of someone’s life events has been a long time passion for me and I have found my perfect outlet through photography.

Since our relocation out to Houston at the beginning of 2014, coupled with our own house hunt (which almost didn’t end with our amazing homestead), I have found a new direction for my photography talents, real estate photography. Through real estate photography, I am able to capture the personality of a home, while also creating an immediate connection and familiarity of the property with potential and future buyers.

A more little background on Meghan…

Meghan holds a B.A. degree in International Relations (focusing on people, their cultures and nationalities) from the University of California, Davis and then worked in the field of Human Resources within the corporate realm for over 7 years. Focus on the details were an immensely huge part of her job, which she has been able to channel into her photography. The details are what end up leaving a lasting impression on someone, so she focuses on making them stand out.