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    Lasting First Impressions Photography

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    Lasting First Impressions Photography

Hello and Welcome! Lasting First Impressions Photography was created with the photography needs of Realtors, Real Estate Agents, Property Managers and Sellers in mind. My priority is to help my clients to put their property’s best foot forward through high quality images. I use photography to tell a story, in this case, the story of your property. My goal is to create an inviting scenario that will trigger a sense of excitement and intrigue for prospective buyers and/or renters.

Most property searches these days begin online and as such, property images are a great medium to make a positive and lasting first impression. Houston’s highly competitive market means that sellers/renters need every available opportunity to get top dollar for their property. High quality and professional photographs are a great investment in your sale or renting process.

As a recent home buyer myself, we almost ended up passing on our current home because the photos did not paint a clear picture as to all the property had to offer. We ended up squeezing in a showing at the last minute, after being disappointed by negotiations with the “property of our dreams,” just 2 streets over, and thankfully, it all worked out to our benefit.

Don’t have you or your client miss out on sale or leasing opportunities because a potential buyer can’t “picture” what the property looks like or their life in it. Let Lasting First Impressions Photography create those pictures for you.